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But at least the British brought capitalism to India /s

For real tho, someone actually said that to me.

Considering the amount of tokens and their ranks it could be just to know and understand more context about them?

Considering the amount of data those silos actually have.

Nope. You are fine. Not missing shit. Only plebs rave about how awesome it. The only thing it could possibly have going for it are privacy focused defaults (maybe?)

Funding is unfortunate but its why you don’t use permissive licenses. I do hope they figure that out and everyone pulls their weight.

Yeah the only people hanging back are gonna be H1B visa holders, who are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Yeah but good luck getting java to not exhaust all your fucking resources. Be sure to limit memory and limit it to specific cores or be prepared to have a non responsive server.

And what’s your proposed solution? They not make any money on their cool FOSS project and die while taking money from google and fade away slowly like Firefox?

Also there’s a lot of catch up with messaging apps thats happening to attain feature parity with the likes of slack, discord or twist. So it is bound to happen. Have you seen any of the cool projects built on top of the protocol?

Its gaining traction … The network effect is an issue but there are a lot of Foss projects and communities on matrix even for less known ones (And they aren’t bridged).

We need a self hosted messaging service, XMPP is good but there’s room for other ideas to achieve something similar. Matrix and XMPP try to achieve similar goals differently. Wouldn’t hurt to have more protocols in this space.

This is proof the US needs to start a program to get kids strapped and more police officers around every school. In fact the police should design the schools, kids should check in and out of every room and there should maybe be little full door length bars to prevent kids from going in and out unauthorized.


(fuck fox news propaganda)

Didn’t say it was time consuming like it was bad. Its just what happens when you have to compile most programs in the OS. Just listing tradeoffs dude.

Also wasn’t the whole point of progress to make things better overall than to laude over people on how you had it worse?

Dont mean to victim blame but thats what you get for using windows. Its like asking why you got mauled and almost eaten by your illegally owned pet tiger. Tigers gonna tiger, windows gonna crash.

He’s trying to maintain the left right narrative cause that way people will be too busy to start any class warfare. And that kinda works out well for him

He doesn’t get how they’ll be coming for him after they kick everyone else out.

Partly cause people expect an exact Twitter which mastodon doesn’t really aim to be. Some people will enjoy the organic growth of connections others won’t. Plus lack of feature parity with twitter and the complications of a federated timeline and a local timeline. People in general dont have the patience to try and learn something new.

Not everyone has the savvy to git clone;make;make install either. If we want linux to be more common place we need something straightforward like flatpak or appimages. Most people just want apps to start reasonably fast to get work done and storage is cheap (or at least was getting cheaper) so they aren’t gonna care. It would also be easier in the phone space thats happening. Compiling on a pinephone sounds like a chore cause its not that powerful and how much battery would I use to do that? Its better to have a native package but better than nothing. For a power user it doesn’t matter, its not necessarily for us (even tho we could use it)

Yes! Its worth buying!

Copyleft is for art work and game assets and since they have no legal claim to distribute Metroid Prime assets they can’t release that. What they have here is the engine which would be released with a license.

Why is it on GitHub? I dunno dude.

I’ve heard some good things about Fedora. Its cutting edge enough to support all new hardware you wanna throw at it.

Tbh I have heard of people starting companies in the form of cooperatives where everyone including the CEO makes the same wages and all employees are involved in making future decisions of the company what what happens with the profits. So I do hope this style works out and I accounted for them in the remaining 1 in 5.

Cause Europe is usually a very peaceful place while brown people are violent especially Arabs /s

Real talk tho, the hypocrisy is getting pretty disgusting.

More like 1 in 5 don’t exhibit psychopathic tendencies.

Sure, but she doesn’t recognize the labor done by other people cause she thinks work = money, which isn’t the case. She is just another out of touch rich fuck that can go to hell with her opinions on people being poor and lazy. Hell I can also be a billionaire after being getting my parents to gimme that money.

Imperialism bad, but pointing out the general hypocrisy in western media is worse right? The fact that this is a legit issue shows that the west is losing it’s moral high ground and is no longer being seen as the good guys, cause they ain’t. (There are no good guys just people looking out for their own interests)

Yes very soon one will be able to run windows apps better on Linux than on windows. Already the case with a lot of old apps and games.

Wow kinda rich coming from someone who has probably never had a real job.

Didn’t know lunduke did that. Fuck that guy!

I have an issue with the ethical open source license, this is irrespective of my stance on free software, which is being ethical is ambiguous, it depends on the reader or interpreter as to what ethical is.

For example I would consider being anti racist ethical but someone else could interpret being anti racist as racist ( or however they victimize themselves )

That ambiguity, that my stupid ass could come up with off the cuff, is why its a bad license to use.

The word minority has multiple definitions, to be clear refer to non white non straight people as minorities is ambiguous, they as a collective are a minority of the population and so so colloquially called minorities.

Could you elaborate with a reason or so for why they are wrong?

also use some of my spare time to update OpenStreetMap data in my area.

Can’t explain how needed this is. Google maps is hard to compete with cause its gained that initial momentum

And thanks for your contributions