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I have an issue with the ethical open source license, this is irrespective of my stance on free software, which is being ethical is ambiguous, it depends on the reader or interpreter as to what ethical is.

For example I would consider being anti racist ethical but someone else could interpret being anti racist as racist ( or however they victimize themselves )

That ambiguity, that my stupid ass could come up with off the cuff, is why its a bad license to use.

The word minority has multiple definitions, to be clear refer to non white non straight people as minorities is ambiguous, they as a collective are a minority of the population and so so colloquially called minorities.

Could you elaborate with a reason or so for why they are wrong?

also use some of my spare time to update OpenStreetMap data in my area.

Can’t explain how needed this is. Google maps is hard to compete with cause its gained that initial momentum

And thanks for your contributions