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  • De Lancie invited the local bronies in my area to attend an opera he was narrating. I attended and he came and hung out with the bronies afterwards, saying he wanted to thank us for sharing our thing with him by sharing his thing with us. He stayed late after, signing autographs and chatting with people, for so long that I think he may actually have missed his flight. He was a super sweetheart. Maybe he needs to vent about the nasty fans behind closed doors sometimes, but I can’t begrudge anyone that. I recognize that it’s only one data point, but he made the effort to do something nice for us on his own initiative, was incredibly generous with his time, and was kind to me, personally. I will always appreciate that.

    EDIT: Also, it was a free event so it’s not like he was trying to sell tickets or anything, and there were less than a dozen of us so I doubt it was a self-serving PR move.

  • Consider shrinking your scale. There’s an impulse to draw entire worlds or continents, but then you feel obliged to operate at that scale. The “Known world” of my players for the last 3 campaigns is roughly the size of Florida, and they don’t even see all of it, not by a long shot. In those 4 campaigns, they:

    1. Traveled from the capital to the border and back again
    2. Settled a valley on the border
    3. Sailed up and down the coast And that represents 12 years of gaming! It’s only the campaign I’m prepping now where they are going to explore the other side of the mountains…another chunk of land roughly the size of Florida :P