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  • Ok, so epileptic seizures can cause severe musculoskeletal injuries, including tendon tears and fractures, but these cases are extremely rare. Such injuries typically occur under specific conditions, involving additional risk factors like long-term medication use or underlying bone density issues. Most injuries associated with seizures are secondary, resulting from falls or other trauma during the seizure.

    I think it’s important we don’t present information that implies this is a likely occurrence.

    However i concede these cases are mentioned in the medical literature, so technically you’re not wrong, therefore i retract my initial comment.

  • Ok so before your anti car brain downvotes this… Read me out.

    It’s a legitimate question for cities that do remove most car access, some essential items (fridges for example) do break and they do need to be replaced. A Bike won’t do to transport these types of things (mattress is another example) what’s the solution to this logistics issue?

    I’m all for car fucking don’t get me wrong but the image does raise an reasonable question, and i feel it deserves reasonable answers not just ‘fuck you you stupid car brained fuck head’ which is the majority of these comments.