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  • I see a Helldiver I up vote.

    For Liberty!

    But on a serious note, something as obvious as “Managed Democracy” and quitting your job by signing up for “Early Biovat Reprocessing” and the characters literally saying things like “HELLDIVERS NEVER DIE!” Before being obliterated by a 380? It’s satire. Satire is funny. Like hahaha look at stupid Facist regime, I’ll role play along to get into the mood of the game because the idea is so fucking dumb it’s funny with amazing gameplay.

    It’s willful ignorance at some point. I don’t think media literacy has much to do with it. It’s simply listening for what they want to hear, then ignoring the rest, just as real facists desire.

  • “The data is not affected.” You know, that’s an interesting thing to point out. The attackers clearly want to restrict access to information, possibly specific information, possibly information in general.

    However, whoever is in charge of this DDoS is clearly fulfilling a directive of “prevent access to it.” And they clearly don’t realize that a DDoS is temporary. Do they have a plan for when it’s back up? They can’t just DDoS forever, unless they plan on DDoSing the entire internet. And I don’t see them having the resources literally the rest of the world has.

  • Honestly the pain may be the part that causes the addiction. For me it started when I was 11. I was stressed, untreated for ADHD, and an eyelash was in the way so I just plucked it. The result was immediate relaxation. The next time I got an eyelash I just plucked it before I got stressed. Then I started plucking em when I was bored. Then puberty came and I got the same obsession with ance. That was a long one, then it went to these weird gland things in my mouth for a little bit, then it started on my beard which is by far the worst. It doesn’t hurt anymore, but the moment it itches, fuck everything.

    It’s not an urgent anymore it’s like scratching an itch. It’s automatic. I can’t control it undless I have gloves or wrist braces for the carpal tunnel doing this gave me.