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Che strano che l’Italia non sia tra questi… noi abbiamo i tracker di google nei siti della PA… 🤦‍♂️

Transporting bicycle racks on a cargo bike in Italy

Noël Wilmes is the entrepreneur behind HairVisit, Maastricht's cargo bike hair salon. He rides his unique Babboe Carve cargo bike with solar panels to visit all his clients. He's ridden around 3,500 km in 2021, completely powered by solar energy. In late October he's biking to the Glasgow climate summit to draw attention to climate change.

One Richmond dad is tackling the issue of school bus shortages, one pedal at a time, bringing his four kids to and from school on a specially made bicycle.

Richard, eBike Sales Guru at Fully Charged, picks his kids up from school on the new Raleigh Stride 2. Ben and Richard then review the cargo bike together!

It was four years ago that we first heard about the Electrom, a one-of-a-kind two-wheeled pedal-electric vehicle with a unique dual drivetrain. Well, you will soon have the chance to buy one of the things for yourself … although some assembly will be required.

R&M Load 75 and Carla Cargo Trailer Review
I’ve had my Riese and Muller Load 75 for about 3 years and, over this time, have travelled over 10,600 km on it. I bought my Carla Cargo trailer nearly 12 months ago. With this usage, now is a good time for me to review them both.

The Cercle is a wild all-in-one touring rig that’s designed around a circular frame that accommodates a bed, desk, kitchen, and home. Watch the concept and testing videos here…