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  • As much as I know you will hate to hear this, the only thing that is going to prevent you from Republican fascism next year is to spread the word and vote against these idiots who are poised to win in 2024. Do whatever it takes to get the apathetic voters out of their goddamn chairs and vote blue in November.

    And never miss any election again - especially LOCAL elections, where your vote is likely a much larger fraction, and where the impacts are more likely to be clearly felt on your daily life. I actually get reasonably progressive democrats on the ballot here, and you probably do too. Go vote for them.

  • octopus_inktoNews@lemmy.world[Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
    13 hours ago

    What the fuck are you talking about? When she was running for president in 2019, she released detailed plans about how she would legalize marijuana, abolish private prisons, and reform the carceral system.

    Has she done those things? (I sincerely don’t know.)

    I’ve heard that she’s revised her stances, but even in 2019 there was some question regarding the sincerity of her evolving viewpoints.

    We’re likely to get 8 years of her if she wins, so I think it’s entirely reasonable to want her to affirm her stances in some of these areas. We won’t be able to move any further left than she allows. Sure, she’s not Trump, and I’m going to vote for her. It would be nice to have hope she’ll do more than just move right more slowly than Trump though.

    She says very little, and nothing convincing, about some of the most serious charges against her, like that she fought hard to keep innocents in prison and failed to fight hard against corrupt cops.

    If elected president, Harris seems as likely as any of her Democratic rivals, and far more likely than Donald Trump, to pursue a criminal-justice-reform agenda that overlaps with policies I favor as a civil libertarian. And I do not hold it against Harris that as a municipal and state official she enforced many laws that I regard as unjust. All the candidates now running for president will, if elected, preside over the enforcement of some laws that they and I regard as unjust.

    But like her rivals, the reforms that Harris would sign into law as president would depend mostly on what Democrats in Congress could get to her desk. Far more important is how she would preside over a federal legal system and bureaucracy that is prone to frequent abuses. And her record casts significant doubts about whether she can be trusted to oversee federal law enforcement, the military, intelligence agencies, the detention of foreign prisoners, and more.

  • but this idea that everything the blue team does gets excused and everything the red team does is pure evil is absurd

    That’s not a position I’ve taken, and you’ve been exceptionally rude throughout this discussion. (not only with me) As to the rest - if you can’t see what makes Trump worse, there’s nothing anyone can say that will change your mind anyhow.

    Good Day.

  • octopus_inktoCool Guides@lemmy.caA cool guide to Early warning signs of facism
    21 hours ago

    It’s going to blow your mind, but this is exactly the same mantra that gets belched out every single election. I know it all seems so unique and magical when you first get here, but to those of us who have been here awhile, it’s the exact same thing every 4 years.

    Hey buddy, back off on the condescending old timer bullshit, I still get a hard time from people for my nader vote, which was still not my first (or second) rodeo.

    For those of us who have been here awhile and been paying attention, it seems pretty clear how Trump and his followers represent something different than what has come before. We also remember how Reagan and W upset the applecart without even being as bad as Trump and his ilk.

  • It is literally impossible for you to imagine the existence of someone who can acknowledge how awful and unfit biden is and yet not like Trump.

    Cool cool cool… So then I challenge you with this. Try to imagine the existence of people who understand what is bad about Biden, but also understand that any choice other than a vote for Biden is effectively a vote for Trump, and all the additional bad things that come with Trump. You don’t have to agree with that position, but please don’t pretend it doesn’t exist.

  • In fact I’d prefer a sane Republican… but there seems to be a distinct lack of them.

    The three I can remember from the Trump years (Kinzinger, Cheney, and Romney) have pretty much been run out on a rail haven’t they? Republicans don’t want sane Republicans, and anyone who appears to be one is going to get ostracized within the party, or turn out to be just like all the rest.

    They are walking around with bandages on their ears in solidarity with a man who immediately rushed to sell shitty Chinese shoes to commemorate and make a profit off of the assassination attempt which killed one of his own supporters. There are no sane Republicans. There are crazy Republicans, cowardly Republicans, and probably a few with Stockholm Syndrome. They let the inmates take over the asylum and there is no cleaning house now.

  • Imagine your spouse taking a bullet intended for Trump, then watching him sell shoes to commemorate and profit from the event. Imagine witnessing these things occur as any person, and still thinking Trump deserves a donation or a vote.

    Edit - I know that no one likes comments about downvotes, but I just wanted to say that nothing confirms my expectations of Republicans more than the knowledge that some butthurt maga read what I wrote above, and disagreed strongly enough to downvote it rather than pause for one moment to consider what that would feel like if someone they cared about were shot.