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  • Imo it’s better that you wait, you could try installing vanilla Arch in a vm and distrohop once you’re ready, if PopOS is suiting all your needs imo there’s no reason to get Arch on bare metal (A vm for fun and learning would be satisfying ig), on a side note, getting the proprietary NVIDIA driver to run is very simple in vanilla Arch (like a 4 steps or so)

  • As a fellow developer who recently moved to Arch, it’s great, the installation process was a tiny bit frustrating (I did test it first in a VM) but after that it works as intended, I keep my eyes on the wiki though if any issues happen, nvidia driver works well with PRIME too, although I don’t use it much (I dualboot for the sake of gaming), if you feel like you need to have even MORE control over your PC than your vanilla Debian or Fedora experiences, I guess Arch is the next step, on a side note, minimal Void Linux installation is very similar to what you get with Arch so in case you used that you already have a taste of what you’re getting into, well, plus having access to the AUR :)

    Oh also, I’m not sure about MATLAB, but Octave has been shipped as MATLAB compatible (although it haven’t been the case for me with some functionalities…) Maybe you’ll need a Windows VM if Octave wasn’t enough, or maybe it runs using WINE I haven’t bothered trying it