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  • Boba Fett came back in the books which… aren’t cannon, but a lot of the cooler elements have been borrowed and shoehorned in (ie Thrawn)

    I didn’t have a problem with it. I just think the show fumbled that story pretty hard.

    Kenobi… man. I was excited, but honestly… the fight with Vader just fucked up so much of the continuity for me. You knew nothing was at stake because they’d have to fight later in ANH. Also, it completely invalidated Vader’s while tirade about “last time we met, you were the master” because Vader effectively kicked his ass. It was a meh story that didn’t need to happen IMHO

  • That “woke” shit is so fucking stupid. Rogue One has a pretty obviously gay couple and that movie is universally loved. One can even make the argument that when the empire was in charge that OF FUCKING COURSE gay people wouldn’t be out. It’s even cannon that the empire was racist towards non humans.

    If the stories are good, fans will eat it up. That some reprobate is butthurt because a main character isn’t a straight, white dude is the dumbest shit.

    Conversely, I hope this series is good, because if it isn’t, I won’t want to talk about it and inadvertently join the chorus of those mouthbreathers who are all screaming go woke go broke when legitimate criticisms with that show have NOTHING to do with that