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Unlike the revolutionary political innovations of the 20th century, capitalism didn’t first exist on paper before being put into practice. It evolved out of the ways in which people in growing societies naturally interacted when exchanging goods and services.

Once a society starts accepting tokens as a representation of economic effort - be they conch shells, precious metals or government-backed IOUs - mechanisms will emerge whereby the tokens become unevenly distributed, and with that the power the tokens hold.

The fact that i capitalism has evolved from natural behaviour means it has strength, that it is fit for purpose. It doesn’t mean it’s perfect though, in particular it does not mean it is just. The question is can we, as humans who are ourselves products of evolution, do better?

It seems to me that when it comes to life, there is one rule of nature that underpins all others - the strong have dominion over the weak. In relation to the current economic status quo, how can we prevent the strong becoming so strong that the weak become their slaves?

Strong disagree. IE was bad because it was heavily tied to the interests of its controlling entity. Things like ActiveX broke the OS-agnostic principles of the web. As it was the bundled default browser used by the majority, and therefore the main target of webdevs, its quirky behaviour became a way to enforce its use and help make non-Windows users second-class web citizens.

Now Chrome is well established in its number one spot, we’re seeing more initiatives from Google to use that dominance to similarly create dependencies for users on the Google ecosystem.

Nice! Might be fun to stay in for a night, but I think the lack of running water would become unbearable pretty quickly. Somewhat similar to some cave houses near where I used to live in the UK - https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/oct/02/kinver-edge-black-country-to-tea-englands-last-cave-people

I don’t think that’s correct. It seems there’s a low risk of some chemicals leaching into the contents of a plastic bottle over time - if this concerns you, it’s a concern when you keep water in a plastic bottle for a long time, not that the bottle becomes more likely to leach chemicals once it reaches a certain age.

There is the other question of microplastics - these are more likely to be found in water from a water bottling factory that uses plastic than from your tap.

Rice milk is the only one that tastes naturally sweet to me. It’s nice to drink by itself but far too watery to use with cereal or in coffee. Nothing beats soya milk for that IMO.

Coconut milk seems like it should be great for certain use cases, if only I could think of what…

Also not vegan because life without cheese and ice cream would be unbearable.

I’m surprised they’ve seemingly done nothing to make life harder for ad blockers. For instance they could insert ads directly into the video stream if they detect an ad blocker in use.

Like you, the only reason i can think of is that they don’t want to encourage tech-savvy users to potentially lead the flight to alternative platforms.

, if you download videos via youtube-dl the resulting videos will be Google tagged internally anyway

What do you mean by “Google tagged internally”?

If I’m understanding you right, then I think it might be better for this case to have a less specific rule. So the rule might say, “propaganda - viz the deliberate misrepresentation of facts or theories to promote your political beliefs - is not allowed here and will result in your account being banned. An example of such would be pushing the horseshoe theory to undermine socialist or communist discussion”

Additionally the policy should involve a series of warnings in all but really egregious cases.

I do understand the problem caused by these bad actors, but one of their aims is to aggravate division and prevent free and constructive discussion and I think we should take care to ensure they do not succeed in that.

Is it necessarily propaganda? Genuine question. I have not heard of the horseshoe theory by name before - full disclosure: I have no formal education in politics, have never read any significant political work, however I do like to discuss political ideas. I remember years ago discussing this same idea at school with friends, where we said that it seemed to be like a ring rather than a straight line, and if you go far enough in one direction, you end up in the same place as if you went far enough in the opposite direction.

Obviously we were young and naive, but there was no propaganda here, no bad faith. Rather it was merely an observation we had made independently based on the shallow treatment of the subject we had received through school.

Having just read about the horseshoe theory on rational wiki, I can see how it has been abused by right-of-centre people to dismiss left wing ideas. However that doesn’t mean that everyone who sees some kind of equivalence between extreme right and extreme left is doing so in order to push that particular agenda.

At least not consciously, surely?

You bought a refurbished phone and the home button doesn’t work? Were you aware of that before you bought it?

The main concern I would have with a refurb would be the battery. So many people take really bad care of their phone battery - letting it run right down in particular - and while a battery can be “reconditioned” itself (resetting the onboard charge controller all lithium batteries have by running it down to zero then fully charging it), once they are permanently degraded they only get worse.