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  • It’s certainly not cool. They could have just put out the call for some help instead of deciding to fuck a bunch of Lemmy users who’ve just been joining the biggest community for a given topic - a community frequently on beehaw. But they want a walled garden so I guess that’s what they’re going to get. It sucks because I joined this instance specifically because I felt like it wouldn’t be infested with fuckin’ Nazis and hateful people like every other reddit alternative since forever, I didn’t think that meant it would be walled off because of that pursuit. Here we are though, I personally will avoid beehaw communities from now on even when they refederate with the instance I’ve moved to, I don’t want to post a bunch in the music community (like I have been) just to wake up and find it gone. I know I said I don’t fault them but the more I get into moving and seeing how it affects non beehaw users the more yeah I really kinda do.

    Edit: I’ve removed my content from this instance, I will leave this here as reasoning.