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- VoiceOver support - Themes - Per-game settings - Download game info from Ifdb - Sounds, images, text colours - Glulxe autosave and autorestore-

From [WIkipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunnet_(video_game)) : > The game starts out with the player standing at the end of a dirt road, but it turns to the surreal when players realize that they are actually walking around inside a Unix system, and teleporting themselves around the Arpanet.

> Happy 20th anniversary, Suikogaiden. You're a hyper-obscure text adventure with a hero named after a deep-fried pancake, but you let us observe Suikoden 2's beloved story and characters from another angle. You also gave us one of gaming's last great traditionally animated introductions.

> ...a Z-machine interpreter for the Commodore 64 written by Johan Berntsson and Fredrik Ramsberg in 2018... > Release 4: Configurable cursor, loadscreen, bugfixes > cursor shape, colour and blinking configuration settings

This project comes across as a well-meaning satire of sites like [discoversaintjohn](https://www.discoversaintjohn.com) and exploits the limitations of the Twine platform to provide a particularly memorable aesthetic. ![screen cap of game](https://dev.lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/WSPcmA9MWf.png) Edited: clarity