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  • Going through The Expanse again. Such a good show that unfortunately got soured towards the end by a bad egg in the cast. But I’m enjoying it regardless, the work everyone else put into that show deserves praise. They found such a good balance point on the hard vs. soft sci-fi spectrum. Just enough realism and scientific accuracy to make the setting feel authentic without getting in the way of the story.

    And Dominique Tipper as Naomi effortlessly code switching as she interacts with Inners and Belters is astounding. Not just her, all the Belter actors do such a great job with their dialects, but because of her screen time and back story it’s a lot more varied for her.

  • I love both, but I actually prefer Atlantis’s ongoing series arc over the more episodic/season arc structure of SG-1.

    Possibly unpopular opinion (?): Universe was a fantastic show that got cancelled right as it was getting really good. Stargate’s answer to Voyager and Battlestar Galactica. Really wish we could have gotten more of it. With the way they left things, it’s not too late to revive it if they can get actors on board. They can easily explain cast aging or not returning with the final cliffhanger.

  • doctordevice@lemm.eetoCoffeeHow do you make Turkish coffee?
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    +1 for moka pots, that’s what I make my usual morning coffee in. It’s really consistent. Though I don’t do the cold water thing, I let it boil through and remove from heat for a few seconds when the gurgling has slowed before pouring. I don’t really struggle with grinding my own coffee,

    It’s up to personal preference. The cold water will stop the boiling early, leaving you with just the stronger stuff that comes out first, so more like espresso. Letting it boil through will have weaker coffee coming out towards the end and the final product is a little more like an americano. Supposedly that’s where the bitterness comes from too, so maybe I just don’t mind the bitterness.

    If you want to get fun with a moka pot, and especially if you like sugar but no cream, a Cuban espresso is really good. Essentially you wait for it to just start boiling over and pour out whatever comes out in the first couple seconds. You want the thick, strong stuff. Then return the moka pot to heat for the rest of it to boil and whip sugar with a spoon into the strong coffee you separated. You’ll get a sugar coffee foam that smells like coffee ice cream, then pour the rest of the moka pot over it. Yum.