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You can say the same for Dell Latitude laptops. Being retired, I buy recent off-lease Dell Latitude laptops and wipe Windows off of them and put Linux (specifically KUbuntu 20.04) in my latest case. Late last month, I bought a Latitude 5480, i5 quad-core, 8Gb of ram, 500Gb spinning rust drive with Windows 10 from the Dellfinancialservices offlease sales site. The original price was $545, but I found a coupon that brought that price down by nearly $200. The 500Gb spinning rust drive was retired, and a 500Gb SSD, with Kubuntu 20.04 already installed/configured to my liking was installed. Will be pulling the one 8Gb DDR4 stick and replacing it with 2 16Gb sticks. Need the ram as I run quite a few other distros as KVM vms… Bottom line: EVERYTHING worked right the first time I booted it up under Linux.