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  • You should not stand for those keeping you away from genuine relief and contentness

    You are right. I will not stand for that. Which is exactly why I I ignore people like you. Because YOU are the one trying to keep trans people from the relief and contentment that transition is known to bring.

    The relevant facts of the matter are:

    • A treatment exists.
    • The treatment works.
    • The treatment is safe.

    The only reason you are arguing is because you personally don’t like the treatment.

    And your opinion on other people’s healthcare is irrelevant, and something you should keep to yourself.

  • okay, I acknowledge that maybe it’s not prohibitively expensive for the end user.


    Acknowledge that you were parroting a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

    There is not enough money in this to justify what you are suggesting.

    You don’t think the development of new products to sell you also makes money for other companies in the chain?

    What new products?!

    It’s testosterone and estrogens, that’s it.

    They have to develop the product, ways to harvest or synthesize the chemicals in it, deliver it, test it, and refine and iterate upon it.

    Every drug and procedure trans people take was developed for cisgender people first.

    There are basically zero new, trans-specific products.

    I cannot say this strongly enough: what you are saying is a ridiculous conspiracy theory that has zero basis in reality.

  • they’ve fooled everyone including you, and it’s all for money, because these “treatments” rake in ridiculous amounts of money

    No they don’t.

    Most HRT is less than $50 a month. And trans people make up 1% of the population. Surgery is expensive, but even fewer trans people get those, they tend to be one-offs, and are only performed by a few specialists.

    In comparison, therapy costs $100 a week.

    You think medical and research organisations in countries all around the world are all risking their reputations to obscure the truth on a highly scrutinised treatment, in order to… Make less money than if they suggested therapy? To take less than fifty bucks a month from one percent of the population?

  • sigh I don’t know why I bother speaking with TERFs.

    There is harm being done to the entire class of women for the loss of the concept of sex as the source of female oppression. Sex matters and these distinctions are being removed in language.

    Firstly, that has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote or the chain of comments thus far. It’s just a completely non-sequitur accusation.

    But secondly, this isn’t happening.

    An intersectional understanding of oppression and privilege does not erase the oppression cisgender women face.

    And the distinctions in language are absolutely not being removed. The words “transgender” and “cisgender” exist precisely to make discussing these issues in a clear and respectful manner possible. That’s exactly what those words are for.

  • I’m not going to watch a whole youtube video just to pick up on the latest lingo.

    Deny it’s happening, then claim we can’t change anything once it’s happened. The moment where we could do something about it is skipped over.

    Like you are doing now.

    No, mitigation does not require “drastic” action, fortunately. We’ve significantly mitigated it already, concerning our own emissions, and can do so further.

    What world do you live on? Certainly not the one the rest of us do. Our emissions have only been increasing.

    Yes we require drastic action. In fact we required drastic action decades ago. Now we require radical action.

    Do you have an idea that might mitigate it overseas, or change domestic politics enough to speed things up here?

    First and foremost, stop pointing your finger overseas. It is nothing but a distraction, a convenient excuse to not do what needs to be done domestically because “oh but China and India”.

    Secondly, investment in equipping developing nations with clean energy infrastructure can help.

    I don’t think nonviolent protest is going to do it, there’s not enough of us willing to do so.

    Ultimately it is going to have to come down to protest.

    I am hoping non-violent methods, such as general strikes and direct action will be enough.

    But that does require solidarity, motivation, and mutual aid.

  • Any promotion of the concept of gender and gender roles in schools is a bad idea in my opinion.

    Gender is a concept that exists. That kids will interact with throughout their lives. They deserve to be equipped with the information that helps them makes sense of that.

    The “genderbread person” that pops up is one instance, and it’s discussion of gender includes gender roles: those are societal expectations of actions and characteristics.

    It doesn’t include gender roles in any version that I have seen.

    The closest I’ve seen it get to gender roles is “gender expression”, which it touches on to explicitly separate the concept of gendered expression, from gender identity and biological sex.

    In other words, it does the exact opposite of the thing you fear that it does. Its entire purpose is to state that the things you described about yourself earlier, such as being a tomboy, are separate from gender identity and biological sex. That being a tomboy, or having interests that are stereotypically gendered, DO NOT make you that gender.

    Regarding gender roles, how do you respond to the current zeitgeist that asks if gender nonconforming women in literature and film are in fact trans? For example, Jo March in Little Women, and Mulan.

    Those can be interesting conversations even if the answer at the end is “they’re still cisgender”. Cisgender people have been writing gender into stories for a long time, and a lot of those stories do end up have themes very relatable for trans people. Relooking at media through a queer lens is not harmful.