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  • I think people forget or don’t know how bad it is when you’re working in a non climate controlled building basically being told to work harder and harder.

    By your logic we could go on and on comparing worse working condition.

    I think this type of thinking is detrimental for our own condition. If we are glad that we are not in a worse condition, why would a CEO (or the state or anyone) give us better condition in general?

    I think that complaining is a good thing, because it creates the opportunity for growth

  • Well for starters a tram can move a lot more people than a bus with just 1 driver.

    You have more safety in adverse weather conditions.

    They usually last wayy longer than buses. (so more cost effective)

    I’m not completely sure on the traffic one, like, they have their own lane, and in my country you cannot use it so could you elaborate on this one?

    Of course a bus is better for flexibility, but for fixed travel routes the tram just seems a lot better for me.