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  • Why not buy some under water drills and an underwater propulsion device then go down to the marina and sink some expensive yatchs? How about slashing some police tires?

    Why not study an industry you wanna take down and figure out how? Or gather an online flash mob and invade a conservative website or institution. How about running for office at your local council? Or sending letters to good and bad politicians saying what you think. Contact the media about something you believe but make sure it’s the right level for what you’re saying.

    Or go read some leftwing theory.

  • I think elite schools are just first in line in terms of being political betrayers of the actual substantive left. The interests of those schools and the families that tend to be able to afford to send their children then just tend to be aligned with the interests of capital as a whole.

    I forget whether it was the Koch brothers or other fracking billionaires, who provided the seed money for Ben Shapiro to set up The Daily wire, but no doubt those sorts of people are financially tied to him being their mouthpiece.

    Money talks, and this is all part of why we live in a two party system, even though the majority seems like left leaning liberals… Because the free market right have a greater level of class interests with the wealthy, and so can afford greater platforms in culture and in researching how to manipulate the political theatre of opinion.