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  • This is complete nonsense. To prove even one of the points they’re making, they’d need at least as much evidence and analysis as the entire thread. They’re just cherry-picking random pieces of data and jumping from one case to the next, acting as if they’ve sufficiently proven each one in turn. It’s just a gish gallop.

    Probably the most absurd piece of “evidence” they present is the picture of the night sky of the USSR, which is correlated with the number of prisoners from various areas. Because both of those are correlated with total population, obviously. This is literally their sole piece of evidence regarding the question of whether “elites bounced back” in the USSR, before moving on to the next point!

    The next point is about the landed gentry in the South after the abolition of slavery. Everything they say about this is irrelvant because there was never any attempt to eliminate these people as a class. There was no land reform or anything like that, and because of it, freed slaves sometimes found themselves in a position where they had little choice but to keep working for their former slavers, for a wage. Of course the rich “bounced back” from that.

    This is how conspiracy theories work. You find one extremely tenuous piece of evidence that shows how a major event validates what you want to believe, then, without any consideration of other explanations for the evidence, or other evidence that might invalidate your conclusion, you immediately move on to the next thing.

  • CW: Liberals talking about assisted suicide

    I wasn’t sure I fully agreed with Hexbear’s stance on assisted suicide until I saw a thread about a 29 year old killing herself because of mental illness, filled with upvoted comments like “This. Is. Awesome.” or “I hope assisted suicide becomes more common. For everyone.” or “This is also a whole lot less traumatic than people committing suicide. Nobody wants the last memory of their loved ones to be the scene of their (potentially messy) suicide.” while at the same time, someone got banned for posting, “I’m going to stop a young person from killing themselves just to watch you cry.”

    A policy that can get rid of pesky malcontents and disabled people, which is possible to be framed to/by libs as “clean” and “humane” should set off every warning bell there is.

    Update: Caring about human life is apparently “the same vibes” as being anti-abortion.