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  • The discovery of volcanic lava flow in two different regions of Venus is published in Nature Astronomy. It supports previous evidence that Venus is still geologically active, and also suggests that volcanic activity may be greater and more widespread than previously thought.

    The difficulty in confirming volcanism on Venus is the planet’s dense atmosphere which obscures much of what is happening on the surface.

    But scientists were able to get a picture of activity by comparing images from when the Magellan spacecraft conducted global radar mapping in 1990 and 1992, with new images from 2023.

  • Smith was trying to convince them to let him make three paintings that would eventually get rolled out to most, if not all, Taco Bell locations in the U.S. At first, not everyone in the room was onboard with the concept because it was so expensive: It would require making prints of his Basquiat-like paintings, stretching them on canvas and then hanging them in each store to make them feel like real art as opposed to ubiquitous branded messaging.

    But, against these odds, Smith got the green light of approval, and the pieces were distributed in 2003. … Life went on, and the trio of paintings faded into memory.

    Then, people suddenly started stealing them.

  • Researchers believe** **the new arrivals blew in with Hurricane Idalia last August, probably from Mexico or the Bahamas, where conservation efforts over the past 50 years have helped flamingo populations recover from near extinction. It wasn’t the first time a powerful storm swept the birds to Florida. But in most of those instances, the flamingos left after only a few days.

    This time, they stayed.

    Earlier this month, Audubon Florida released the results of a February field study that documented 101 wild American flamingo sightings around the state — with more people reporting seeing them in a single week than at any other point in time since the early 1900s.