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  • If I had to speculate wildly (oh nooooo not speculating-wildly, I hate doing that nooo…), the problem there is that they’re discovering their mum getting fisted, not that you’d be willing to do that (maybe their mum is into it, not judging). Spending three minutes in a COD lobby will confirm the existence of people that want to fist your mum, I don’t think anyone is particularly surprised by that aspect of the situation (except for the people discovering their mum in the act of getting fisted and, possibly, the mum). I’m not saying this is a bad idea, I am in a relationship with someone who’s sex drive is waaaaaaay higher than mine and being able to talk about that would be awesome! I’m just saying that ‘society at large’ is awful, and anything that doesn’t align very specifically with broad cultural values of something being ‘a problem’ is going to be overlooked or dismissed as ‘whining’ or ‘being ungrateful’ or whatever other toxic thing. Hence why that community doesn’t exist yet.

  • Warl0k3@lemmy.worldtoAuDHD@lemmy.worldQuestion for those who are Hypersexual.
    3 days ago

    I think it’s uncommon just because society doesn’t really view it as a problem. Hypersexual women are so desirable people barely believe they could exist, and hypersexual men are just… normal. Every guy is like that, men only want one thing dontcha know.

    It’s the same thing as trying to talk about the difficulties of having a big dick - building a community is hard when every 2nd response is “lel imagine this being all you have to complain about dae charmed life”.

    It’d sure be great to have a support group, but you’d need the terminator of moderators to keep it from being overwhelmed by losers trying to hit up everyone that posts.

  • God, information security! Only total losers care about that! I just cannot possibly imagine why CEOs never have phones with working NFC. Cannot possibly be because IT disables it so the brainless cretins don’t scan the thousands of unknown NFCs that get pushed on them by arrogant and conceited industry randos who wont leave them alone. Nah. That can’t be it.

    … Blah blah blah.

  • The Bad:

    No Marcus narration. How are they so out of touch with the source material to miss THAT one? And there’s like… five guns. And while I like all the actors, what the hell are they doing playing those characters? Claptrap already had a voice, and it sure wasn’t jack black. Poop jokes. They’d be fine if they were, you know, funny. But they weren’t. How do you fuck up a poop joke?? The absolute lack of a coherent timeline that follows the canon. How is Tiny Tina the most subdued performance in the whole trailer? WHERE THE HELL ARE LILITH’S TATTOOS? Why are the cars so… lame? Why is the part where the narration says “Weirdest and most dangerous world” playing over a shot of random boulders? Why is Roland being played by a comedian? Where the hell is Zer0? Mordecai? HANDSOME JACK? Chris Sabat isn’t listed on the cast so we’re not getting Mr. Torgue. There’s no vending machines. This fight is so rough it looks like I choreographed it. NO HAMMERLOCK.

    The Good:

    Florian Munteanu (Krieg) doesn’t have a shirt on.

    The Bad Again:

    This movie isn’t 1hr30min of Florian Munteanu not wearing a shirt and hitting things. Preferably in slow motion, and glistening. Maybe throw in some cute Pandorian animals, too. How cute must a baby skag be? I don’t know, but I want to find out the answer.

    I mean come on you could do ANYTHING with this, a feature length movie just of Granny Flexington’s Story Corner would be lauded as one of the best troll moves in history. Sure, I’d go and throw a brick through Gearbox’s windows for that, but I’d make sure nobody was behind said window first. … Probably.

    Both this clip and the first clip emphasize the same poop joke. And that’s a problem. Somehow they’ve managed to make poop jokes in Borderlands a problem.

    And keep in mind this is the scene the producers and people involved thought was good enough to debut online. This is what they are selling the movie on. This is their big “Take a look at this and get excited!” clip. If that’s the case, well, I fear for the rest of the movie.

    Sums it up pretty well. I’m just astounded by how awful this is going to be. This looks bad enough I’m not even going to hate watch it, just… just no.