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  • As a veteran with PTSD, DPDR, that has spent a lot of work, time, and money to not have a bad day. If I cannot prevent myself from committing acts of violence please just put me down.

    There is no reason my existence, for whatever reason caused it to be fucked up should cause harm to others. As a survivor of abuse at the hands of Catholic Church, nothing justifies harming children. As a TBI traumatic Brian injury survivor of war, my continued existence and freedom for self determination doesn’t justify continuing to abuse others or commit unsanctioned acts of violence against others.

    If I am incapable of controlling myself or not causing harm to others I should not be allowed to cause harm to others simply because I am a faulty individual that has been harmed or suffered. My suffering does not justify causing others to suffer. Get out of here with that bull shit. If the person refuses medications, therapy, work then the only alternative is involuntary treatment.

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    I’ve lived in at least 20 residences across 4 continents and only one of those was from the 1920s.

    It still had an original stove.

    That stove was the fucking best shit ever. It was amazing. I swear to God I have never been able to cook bacon so amazingly as on that stove top.

    I don’t disagree that survivorship bias is a thing. And perhaps I had the best possible option of that era. I mean, yes with an induction top I can do great things. With an MSR dragonfly gas stove I can cook the camp a great breakfast anywhere in the world. I’ve cooked on wood fire stoves. I’ve cooked primitive fires in outback Australia and the himiliaya mountains… But there was something special about that 1920s stove that I’ve won’t ever forget.

  • I feel that engineer is shoehorned into a lot of job titles nowadays… But I also now work in software engineering. I have a degree in CS as well as degrees and certs in cybersecurity.

    Should I need to be licensed by the State to discuss the lack of cybersecurity in systems?

    If anything, my studies, and application of project management pay more benefits than my CS certifications and degrees. SMEs really lack the ability to explain to management how it costs more to screw around and half ass some fantastic plan than to, you know, just get minimum viable product going then integrate improvements.

    Previously I worked with aircraft where safety is written in blood. Yet in software dev I still have a hard time convincing people to provide a software bill of materials even though it’s required. It’s still the wild west. Even when DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas termed “killware” only a few took notice.

    I guess what I’m saying is that we care more about Netflix uptime than we care about if water treatment plants or infrastructure that could literally kill people if it fails insecure.

    The problem is qualified people already built a lot of the systems that are either no longer secure or no longer up to the task post IoT and climate change. How do we admit that qualifications aren’t the problem? The problem is lack of continued penetration, stress, fail safe, or regression testing!

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    If the kid is 4 they’re going to be a COVID baby and possibly have some socialization issues due to lockdowns.

    Talk to their daycare, preschool teachers, caregivers about their socializing and interaction. But kids need room to experiment, try, test boundaries, grow. If you measure them all the time rather than model behavior and tell them, show them, teach them what you want them to do then they will find other less desirable things to do.

    Kids want to be involved and do things that other enjoy. Teach them the skills you think they need. If you value reading and music show them. If you value social interaction and conversation show them. They little sponges and will pick up whatever you make a point to show them consistently.

  • Yea not everywhere is equipped to do all types of operations.

    Shit, in America I know someone that just wants a blood work type test done in the largest city in the State. Can’t even find anyone that knows shit all about the test. Several doctors refused to draw the blood and send it out of state. Test can be done at Johns Hopkins (or other 1st rate places around the globe) but hasn’t trickled down to 50 states yet. Doctors stay in their lane and if you want a specialist at the cutting edge you’ll have to travel even in America.