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  • I can’t fucking imagine being this enraged about dumb stupid shit like this all the fucking time. I noticed this about a lot of right wingers. Whereas most centrists and leftists will just go about their day like a normal fucking person, to a conservative, every god damn thing is politically against them and something to spend angry energy on. Politics is literally all some of them know.

    Like literally, Ill be in a casual conversation at work, completely unrelated to politics, like talking about how shitty the drivers in the city are, and some goddamn conservative will pop up and start blaming the “woke libruls” for it. I imagine them shouting at imaginary strawmen whenever they stub their toes (yes, I know that’s also a strawman, but I’m sticking to it).

    The worst are the racist ones who will start spouting racist shit at you just because you’re also white, so they think you’re “one of them”.

    Edit: reminds me of this https://i.imgur.com/EPHhxAB.png