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  • No, the disc is attached to the wheel hub. Wobble on the rim has no effect on the brakes. If it was a road bike with rim brakes then it would but not with disc brakes.

    If you rotate the wheel and look thru the brake caliper you can see which part of the disc rubs and which side. Put adjustable wrench on that part and bend it to the opposite direction and check again. It’s pretty easy to straighten. I’ve had that happen on relatively new discs as well.

    Here’s a good tutorial

  • Truing the wheel has no effect on your brake rotor rubbing the pads. You have a bent dics. You can straighten it using an adjustable wrench. Just make sure it’s clean so that you don’t contaminate the brakes. If it’s rubbing all the time and not just at certain point then your calipers might be out of alignment or your wheel is not seated properly

  • I’m the same. I’ve got like 17 reddit accounts with so much karma that I could probably make a couple bucks selling them. Instead I’ve just abandoned them and made new ones. This is my 3rd Lemmy account so far with similar number of comments. I should’ve made a new account by now anyway. Kind of glad no one has mentioned my name here though my ego would’ve liked if someone did.

  • Yeah I think I’m just going to disassemble the new one and move all the parts onto the old freehub body. There’s no way I’m getting this one off without messing up the wheel hub. If correct size allen key and a 2 meter long cheater bar didn’t get it to budge I don’t think the torx method or a screw extractor is going to work either.

  • There’s no more bearings, everything has already been disassembled. This has loose cup and cone bearings. It’s only half of the freehub that’s left stuck to the wheel hub. You’re supposed to remove it by unscrewing a bolt that’s holding it thru the wheel hub from the brake disc side with a long hex key but I stripped the hex slot in it.