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Package a whole os instead of just a browser into your applications.

geany with a few plugins is very nice and is what i mainly use.

Fedora is alive and well. It suits better as a workstation or testing server operating system, using it on production isn’t a good idea.

Rhel unlike fedora is very stable and I believe it has support for over 8yrs which is a lot. Rhel unstable however doesn’t have a support time and can be unpredictable. It isn’t as unstable as fedora but is compared to Rhel Stable.

So the fact that cent os which was previously based on Rhel stable is a huge issue. Because lots of production servers rely on it and don’t want to purchase the incredibly expensive Rhel stable license.

Yeah I found this when I was working on forking the project to have nicer ui and be easier to use. I just cant really see the project going to far into the future.

I’m currently planning on working something (only an idea no progress) made in rust that could just proxy the youtube video and it can be used for embedding or run it in a tab.

Eg(example domain). Rusttubeproxything.rs/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Then it would open a simple player and run that in the tab and this could then be used in embedding youtube videos privately on your website or eventually used in a full platform like invidious.