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  • All of the people who can afford it live in cities that have perfectly good internet.

    I think this generalization is far from valid

    • You’re assuming US prices, Starlink can go cheaper and they have shown they will do market specific pricing
    • South Africa is one example where there are plenty of areas outside big cities where people could afford it
    • Starlink doesn’t have to be ordered by individuals. Smaller rural communities could have a shared terminal

    This is assuming it’s not cheaper/faster to just use mobile service, which has had great adoption in Africa and will probably be true in a lot of areas as you noted. Still, there’s a ton of people in Africa and a lot of area to cover. I think there is a good market there for Starlink

  • Africa will be a huge market for Starlink I think.

    Regarding the fee, probably the seller concerning the sale of the terminal. But Starlink would have to provide a contract, so they could be liable as well. Depends who the contract party is - in this case I suppose it is an abroad address. That should be easy to fix for Starlink by geoblocking for now

    I guess the reason it works at all right now is due to RV type mobile contracts

  • After a two-month analysis, the hackers revealed that Newag intentionally interfered with the software of the trains, causing forced malfunctions to secure lucrative contracts for their repair. They immobilized trains by implementing logic that prevented them from moving if stationary for more than ten days. Additionally, some trains had a “safeguard” preventing them from moving from specific locations in Poland, including service halls of competing companies.

    I hope they get sued into bankruptcy, this type of behavior is despicable

  • Der Gesetzesentwurf des Parlaments sah ein Verbot für KI-Anwendungen wie eine automatisierte Gesichtserkennung vor. Die EU-Staaten beharrten aber auf Ausnahmen zum Schutz der nationalen Sicherheit, zur Verteidigung und für andere militärische Zwecke.

    Die nun erzielte Einigung sieht Beschränkungen für die Nutzung biometrischer Identifizierungssysteme durch die Strafverfolgungsbehörden vor.

  • I once collaborated with an exceptionally talented programmer who seemed so engrossed in his addiction that he would invent challenges where there were none, presumably to make his work more engaging and bearable. However, this often led to incomplete projects because once the stimulating aspects were finished, he struggled to find the motivation to continue. Clearly, this behavior was extreme and detrimental.

    I think a lot of devs can relate to that