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I only removed the main post, not any of the comments. Do you have anymore details?

?, was it about this sticky? The only post I removed was the white genocide post that was submitted 2M ago.

You are welcome to post here.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle …

Sorry I just saw this, I’m removing it.

survival bias.

Extremely good point.

Answering Questions Surrounding Standstill During Texas Special Session (CBSDFW)

“The Texas House of Representatives is at a standstill in the midst of a special session. It is unable to hold any meetings or take votes while dozens of Democratic representatives are absent.”

I will be honest with you, I fell for pizzagate back then.

Well hold up, there was some fishy stuff going on. The problem is people were assertive, when the whole thing should have been simply investigated more (innocent until proven guilty, etc…). Here check out this video from a local CBS channel which raises some very legitimate questions. Don’t forget about the whole Epstein debacle which effectively proves that this stuff does indeed happen.

Around the time Trump lost the election, QAnon team was found to have Trump’s associates on board. That makes sense with Reps earlier supporting Q heavily publicly.

HBO has a docuseries about Q, you should check it out. A while back on Reddit someone said Ron Watkins (owner of 8chan after buying it from Fredrick Brennan) basically “admitted” he was Q, so I looked up the video and it does kinda seem to be the case. That video clip is from the HBO documentary.

discouraging critical thinking subconsciously

Yeah that’s the main problem. If someone presents me with reasonable evidence for something I’ll typically believe it until it’s proven wrong. I don’t firmly attach myself to any idea, and there is always a possibility whatever “claim” was wrong from the start. For example, I’d probably consider Isaac Newton correct until Einstein came along and proved him wrong.

I can’t speak for everyone but I think one of the main reasons why I’m not quite as gullible is because I’ve been exposed to this stuff for 12+ years now.

(note: I started writing this post 15 days ago, it’s kinda all over the place)

“Amid soaring temps, Texas’ grid operator said unexpected shutdowns at power plants had stressed the system. Nearly 80% were “thermal” generators (mostly natural gas-fueled in Texas) and not renewable sources…”

Hey I saw your message yesterday and I plan on reading the link you shared, but this video from NowThisNews basically just said what we said. About 4 minutes in he talks about how “things changed” in 2015-2016 in regards to conspiracy theories and online culture.

I’ll actively work against Lemmy and it’s developers and there isn’t much projects or organizations that are going to want to associate with Lemmy either.

I think he deleted his original post, but if he really did say that then yeah he’s a problem.

The thing is, these Trumpist or even corrupt liberals (demonstrably here) create their echo chambers and label others with stupid epithets without engaging, and try to handwave when they lose arguments.

A person like this can never be beneficial to any platform

We’re on the same page, I agree.

r/conspiracy, if you did not notice, became a den for Trump fans around 2017

Oh I for sure noticed, check this out if you have time: https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/o0nc99/once_a_place_to_discuss_aliens_and_pyramids

4chan.org/pol also became the same way around 2016 or so. They use to be semi-rational (relative to now). My theory is the shills turned both /r/conspiracy and /pol/ into wastelands.

Honestly that’s a lot of words that don’t say much. Truth is all that matters, if Vice News is linking “the truth” then I don’t see a problem. (eg: they reasonably prove their assertion or claim), if China is speaking truth then I don’t care either. I don’t care if the news is “pro-imperialist” or “pro-Communist” as long as it provides the truth. If an entity doesn’t know the full “truth” then it should say so, kinda like how the US is doing with the UAP’s/UFO’s. They aren’t confirming these objects are aliens, but they aren’t denying it either as they don’t have proof that said objects are 100% from outer-space.

Anyways, once again banning @soferman@lemmy.ml was maybe a bit much, tell him to use the correct community and if he doesn’t then ban him.

“I can tell from the downvote patterns and the shades thrown at me, that I have gained a number of silent enemies here.”

Just speak facts. China hates facts, the US hates facts, Reddit really hates facts (especially /r/conspiracy as I was just banned from there). Bona-fide facts are the common ground. (And I don’t mean Trumpism facts either). It should be obvious as to what I’m trying to say, and it’ll be obvious if you try to fight against it. I will do everything I can to back you up if you’re speaking the truth, and others who want to advance the human race will do the same.

Sorry it took so long for me to reply, I get easily caught up in other things. Also I’m a bit tired so my grammar may be shit right now.

Ok so I finally got around to reading this.

The websites are all pro imperialist news outlets with an inherent geopolitical bias

I don’t think you can get away from that, the only solution I can think of is to force the poster to post facts, or to break up /c/worldnews into subcategories. The burden of proof would be upon the poster, no fallacies allowed, etc…

I am unsure when creating a partisan political divide between a community was an allowed thing on any forum on the internet.

This is going to happen no matter what, I thought it’d be from the “alt-right” first (or shills pretending to be alt-right). The only real problem I see is that @soferman@lemmy.ml was using the wrong community to post.

[…] takes ad revenue from Google Analytics and has factually incorrect ratings of non Western news outlets, as they use the classic tactic of omission of argument in favour of Western nes outlets and call non Western news outlets a kind of state propaganda.

Ok yeah fact based is the only answer. If it can’t be proven without a reasonable doubt then maybe it shouldn’t be posted.

  • X happened, here is bona-fide proof.
  • X claimed Y, here is their statement.

The truth is obviously out there, it just depends on if the poster is arguing in good-faith or not.

Fuck Google

I agree, but I thought regular Firefox was privacy orientated.

And AFAIK using ion-trusters for travel to Mars would require using a massive nuclear reactor, thus pretty unrealistic in the short run.

I think it just takes forever, nuclear isn’t required. Recently I looked up the “warp drive” because supposedly these UFO’s use warp drives (hence why they don’t liquefy when pulling 600g’s). Anyways that resulted in me coming across this really good video which happened to mention Ion drives. That should start at 25:53 which is the relevant section.

Pale Moon

Why tho?

"At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fauci originally discouraged mask-wearing by the public because he was concerned about PPE availability for health-care workers. “We didn’t realize the extent of asymptotic spread…what happened as the weeks and months came by, two things became clear: one, that there wasn’t a shortage of masks, we had plenty of masks and coverings that you could put on that’s plain cloth…so that took care of that problem. Secondly, we fully realized that there are a lot of people who are asymptomatic who are spreading infection. So it became clear that we absolutely should be wearing masks consistently.” Source

Proof supporting the bullet points here.

@TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml Can you show us any proof?, I don’t know who @soferman@lemmy.ml is.

That’s a quick way to destroy this instance.

Why would it matter if it’s fair or not.

Because it’s /c/worldnews, not /c/worldnewsbutonlywheniagree. If Lemmy could find an elegant way to block people from making “name brand” communities it’d solve a lot of problems.

Trump Allies Call for Military Coup to Depose Biden

So for this “narrative” it’s clear that Sidney “2 weeks” Powell is calling for the military overthrow of the United States government. …

From what I remember Voat didn’t start off as a Qanon hangout.

How To Know If It's Aliens | PBS Space Time

There’s one rule on Space Time: It’s never Aliens. But every rule has an exception and this rule is no exception because: It’s never aliens, until it is. So is it aliens yet? And on today’s Space Time we’re going to examine all the best case scenarios for life beyond Earth. …

UFO caught on camera: Pentagon confirms leaked images and video are real | 7NEWS

So the guy doing most of the talking is Jeremy Corbell. He, Commander David Fravor and Joe Rogan all had a pretty damning conversation on the Rogan podcast a couple years ago. …

(Vice clickbait, but the video itself is good). …


Looks like a classical conspiracy doc, I haven’t watched it all yet but it looks mildly interesting. …