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  • Well authoritarian can also describe systems of organization and I feel its apt here. The owner at the top dictates decisions. They hold all of the power in the relationship between owner and worker. Contrast it with a worker co-op being a socialist system where each employee has a stake in the company. The author is an anarchist historian and there was a time in recent history where politics and workplaces were intertwined at the height of Union power. The separation of politics in the workplace is relatively new.

  • Ill put my vote in for Garuda Linux. If you’re using Intel nvidia it is optimized out if the box. It is built on arch so youd manage it similar to Manjaro. kDE Plasma with Wayland is smooth. I cant get GNOME network displays to work to add my TV as a monitor but otherwise everything has been great.

  • I think what you and many others here are hovering around is the American Civil Religion. A blend of quasi religious dogma and beliefs sold to us at a young age to form a foundation for the shared delusion of American exceptionalism.

    Might sound crazy but check out the precepts below and then keep them in mind when you hear politicians and observe the rituals that reinforce American propaganda.

    The next time you are asked to stand and put your hand over your heart for the pledge of allegiance… the moments of silence for first responders… or you hear someone say “thank you for your service”’ to some dude who at best rode a desk and at worse tortured people at a black site like gitmo. Nowadays there is less overt mention of god but the ideals themselves take the place. When I hear someone grateful for freedom I ask to do what? And if there is not more context its probably just a little prayer to uncle sam.

    In a survey of more than fifty years of American civil religion scholarship, Squiers identifies fourteen principal tenets:

    Filial piety (veneration of founding fathers in context)
    Reverence to certain sacred texts and symbols such as the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the flag
    The sanctity of American institutions
    The belief in God or a deity
    The idea that rights are divinely given
    The notion that freedom comes from God through government
    Governmental authority comes from God or a higher transcendent authority
    The conviction that God can be known through the American experience
    God is the supreme judge
    God is sovereign
    America's prosperity results from God's providence
    **America is a "city on a hill" or a beacon of hope and righteousness**
    The principle of sacrificial death and rebirth
    America serves a higher purpose than self-interests (AKA spreading democracy, liberating any county that nationalizes their resources [or has very good bananas)](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1954_Guatemalan_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat)

    He further found that there are no statistically significant differences in the amount of American civil religious language between Democrats and Republicans, incumbents and non-incumbents nor Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.[5]: 51–74

    Rotted everyones brains out

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    Go check out WA Rep Adam Smiths (D) recent statement. Your average Democrat in politics is a wealthy right winger. Liberal democracy is the flavor of government which effectively institutes a dictatorship of the ownership class and limits the voice of the masses to a ballot box. USAs flavor of democracy is really the perfect example of the illusion of representation.

  • Just reminded me, when I was 21 my credit card had a 500 limit but I was asked to travel. Company cards were NOT a thing here, only the CFO had one so they were forced to put me up places with a corporate account. Because of this was staying in a very ritzy four star hotel near silicon valley for a whole month and I had a Sunday check in to get settled. Being young broke and largely oblivious to social norms in a way only a lower class homeschooled kid with ADHD could be I showed up for check in warring ripped khaki rock climbing pants and a stretched out Ramones tanktop with a flannel tied around my waste. The old folks behind me were talking under their breath about how " you really cant tell" and new internet money is changing all the rules. Lmfao they had no idea that I couldnt afford more than the rental car deposit