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  • Twitter, etc isn’t Canadian but it sure does has an opinion about who the Canadian Prime Minister should be.

    I dont feel good about any of these social media platforms having a stake in this propaganda. Tik Tok, Twitter, reddit, etc…it’s all the same to me.

    Russia, etc will use any platform they can for this shit. It doesn’t matter where the site is based. I don’t think banning tik tok or forcing it to sell will change anything. Facebook will still be a cesspool of right ring propaganda.

  • The social media at home (ie Twitter, Facebook, reddit) have been manipulating all citizens into destabilizing democracy with all the right-wing propaganda and it is getting worse every day. I can go to Twitter any day of the week and see some slander in the “What’s hot” section for any democratic/liberal leader while ass licking every conservative one depending on which country you are from. And the posts are mostly made by young Russian/etc bots. The problem is it seems to be working.

    It’s not just tik tok thats used for this shit. But the others are OK because they are 'MURICAN? It’s a double standard. I’m not defending tik tok, but I personally think Twitter, etc need to be sold as well.

  • Mods are a different beast and not representative of the game, devs, or player base. Mods like this often get removed from big modding sites like Nexus, forcing them to be mostly in their own spaces. (There is/was a bg3 mod overhaul that makes every black npc white, some lesbian npcs into men so they are straight couples, the ability to change your gender and lock it to the body types. Etc and so on. But you can’t find it on Nexus. I remember the white Wyll mod but it got removed within 3 days)

    It’s another matter entirely when a developer bakes this kind of shit into the game. Not every game has mod support and not everyone mods.

  • Final fansty isn’t that kind of ip. Different ones are set in different universes/planets, with different casts. There’s a billion different things you can explore. One game is basically medieval, another is basically cyberpunk. The things you explore are completely different and the only similarities are the name of the ip, the names of the gods, and maybe the names of some of the characters.

    There aren’t many games you can make that argument with because of the way technology has advanced so much.

    Elder scrolls v skyrim was easily the most successful, but your suggestion is stopping at morrowind which is an entirely different game. Tomb raider today is a different game from when it came out. Some ways for the best some ways for the worse. But there are always new things to explore. Even if it’s just mechanically.

    Sure you can make that argument over something like the yearly sports games. But these games are not yearly releases.

  • They did cut a lot of the slog from ARR, it’s not necessarily better because they didn’t rewrite anything they just cut it so there is context missing. As an example, if you don’t start in Uldah, you never meet the real Thancred anymore.

    The actual patch series is easier to swallow because most of the dungeons got reworked to be more interesting and you’re not going to the waking sands every 2 seconds to just go back to where you just where, over something you could have told me over link shell. There’s still a lot of travel, but it’s not so bad.

    I replayed through ARR as an alt character after the changes, it was before they changed the dungeons but overall the experience is easier to swallow, but again the story is a little clunkier.

    The bloody banquet is still amazing though.

  • Yeah, I still browse reddit from time to time (mostly when lemme feed is dried up or I’m at my computer. I don’t browse it for hours like I used to, though. And I haven’t made a comment that wasn’t on r/lfg for months.

    Most of my feed is about Canada, makes sense, I live there. But a vast majority of it is right wing propaganda. Anti immigration, pro PeePee, anti Trudeau, etc. Every week a new right wing subreddit crops up.

  • My brother is a 6ft+ white man who married a Mexican woman that’s barely 5ft tall. She wanted to do a natural birth for her first son, but he was over 9lbs and was actually tearing her apart. The pain killers weren’t working, she had a bunch of infections, they had to take a vacuum to get him out and she didn’t get better for at least a year.

    She had another two sons with him, the second was 9.6 lbs. The third was 8lbs. They were both c-cection because she wasn’t going to go through natural births again.

    (And yes, all 3 boys are much taller than their peers, they all inherited my brother’s tall gene the oldest is about 15 now and nearing 6ft)

    They are normal kids despite their sizes.