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  • Masks - I currently did a session zero for this game this weekend, and will be doing the first session next tuesday. I’ve played Masks a bunch before, and having seen Across the Spiderverse twice recently I’m really looking forward to it.

    Pathfinder 2e - currently playing through Abomination Vaults on my Sunday livestreamed variety game group. I think one player isn’t enjoying it so much as he enjoys playing unusual characters more than the tactical combat itself, but I think everyone else is enjoying it.

    SWN Revised: After two previous SWN campaigns, this one is a bit different. Instead of starting off as a free crew with a ship, the PCs are a part of a faction that’s half mercenary company half adventurer’s guild, that focuses on mech combat. So I made some systems for them to work their way up the ranks of the faction, a variation of the faction turn that represents different crews within their faction vying for control and influence, and a reputation system that unlocks more purchase options over time as missions are complete.