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Okay I’m just going to block you since you seem to be in desperate need of attention, and I can no longer facilitate that.

Go back to living in your bubble where everyone who disagrees with you is “wrong” and “hateful.”

Disagreeing about communism is hatred? Wow.

Congrats on being here longer. It’s neat that you found this place before me.

One day you’ll realize that disagreements don’t equal trolling. At least, that’s what I hope.

Now you’re just being obsessive.

So because I’m new, my opinions don’t matter. You sound a bit fascist.

… and now you’re angry and resorting to ad hominem, posting deranged assumptions, all because I posted a link that directly backs what I have been saying.

But it isn’t good enough for you, because it doesn’t support your ideology.

Again, have a nice day.

So everyone has to do the legwork for you?


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Citations included in the post.


[citation needed]

“Everyone who disagrees with me is trolling.”

If you believe that, and you’re taking the bait, what does that make you?

Ah, so Wikipedia is off limits because it doesn’t back up your opinion. Got it.

Have a nice day.

And your opinion is that mine are “ignorant”, which you’re entitled to hold.

If you don’t like them, don’t read them. Don’t respond to them. No one is forcing you to engage.

China stopped being communist in 1930’s

Per Wiki: “China is a one-party state led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The National People’s Congress in 2018 altered the country’s constitution to remove the two-term limit on holding the Presidency of China, permitting the current leader, Xi Jinping, to remain president of China (and General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party) for an unlimited time, governing as a dictator.”

I’m not trolling. I dislike communism, and I have no problem stating that. The idea is fine, but it fails in practice.

If stating my opinion bothers you, or seems like “trolling” to you, then that’s a problem you yourself have to deal with.

I’ll miss you.

I’m sorry that my opinions offend you.

Well, if China isn’t communist, then the world at large owes them a great big apology, seeing as how the People’s Republic of China was founded by the Communist Party of China.

Oh well.

You brought up the “promotion of gay marriage” (whatever your definition of “promotion” is now), so this “false equivalence” you’re suggesting was your doing. I’m simply responding to your series of questions.

I agree that most governments are authoritarian in nature. I’m not arrogant enough to assume that all are, because I certainly don’t have all the information regarding all of them, so I’ll just say “most.”

“That government is best which governs least,” as the saying goes.

What you call “communist nations”…

And that’s where I stopped, because you’re basing your argument on an assumption. This entire discussion is about China. Are you saying China is socialist, not communist?

No, but there’s a false equivalence in your question. Socialism doesn’t equal communism, so maybe that’s your issue.

There was no evasion; you asked a question, it was answered, and now you’re redefining your intent of the word “promotes.”

If that’s not what you intended, be more precise.

So like any government ever? No. Does the U.S., for example, force gay marriage, or merely say it’s “allowed”?

This isn’t complicated.