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  • I splurged on a Bissell cross wave pet and I can’t believe how amazing it really is. I wish I would have gotten the cordless version but it really has changed how often and easy it is to keep our floors clean!

    I also really try to do a “closing shift” every night. And even if I have dishes in the sink, they have all been rinsed.

    I wipe down the surfaces in the half bath every time I use it.

    And I wipe the hand rails and base boards once every couple of months. We have 4 kids so there is always some kind of “mess” but I’ve gotten so much better about keeping up with the house. And I don’t beat myself up when I skip a day or two.

  • As someone who recently started commuting to and from Carmel for work every day and occasionally running to get lunch in Carmel I find them both annoying and useful. Depending on where I’m going it actually adds a bit of frustration and time getting lunch in one area I use. But a larger figure 8 one does make it much quicker and more efficient to get to the freeway. The few roundabouts we have in the area I live in mostly help with traffic but Ive lost count how many times someone has almost T-boned me or cut over lanes nearly hitting me to stay straight when the lane they were in was meant for staying around the roundabout. Also, having a roundabout right before/after a main signal intersection is the most idiotic idea. That roundabout is always congested and causes traffic to back up into other intersections.