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In the beginning when reddit started, the founders and a few other people were non-stop posting new and copied content to attract people. The content between digg.com and reddit was 90% similar, but reddit had the nicer interface, and IRONICALLY didn’t have censorship back then.

If you’re able to raise enough funds, it might be worth hiring someone to do posts down the line. (I’m talking about a 100 posts per day for 10 USD remote work thing).

gotcha, thanks

hmm, the ds9.lemmy.ml server doesn’t allow me to subscribe to a community without signing up. So if I need to sign up for every single server then how does the federation work then? I was hoping I could just subscribe to a community on a different server but using my current account from lemmy.ml?

I see, thanks. Gotta say you’ve done a great job at making the site fast and responsive. Very pleasing to use.

Is there a site-supported way of adjusting the CSS such that the content spreads across the whole width and not just 50% of my screen? If not, might be good to add that in the preferences (I didn’t see an option there).

So how does this work here?

Hi guys, …