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  • Ugly truth is that new people don’t have the job security to just not come int the office despite being told to. I’m guilty of this.

    I’ve been at my job for over 4 years as a senior level engineer. They’ve tried to tell me to come into the office so many times but all of us collectively go “nah”. I go in for about 4 hours a week even tho they expect me to be in like 2 or 3 days a week.

    It’s kind of like drug tests. The company has policies cause they need to be compliant with federal laws but they know they’d lose people who can’t be readily replaced if they ever actually did tests. They can’t afford to shake that tree

  • It’s an interesting question. For me personally, there will always be some level of taint. But we all also have our own tolerances

    So something like net-value = value - (taintedness - tolerance) and the higher the net value, the more likely I’ll buy

    Like, Sagrada Familia to me has an incredible value because of how crazy the architecture is and how crazy it would be as a lego build. Still has a decent amount of taintedness cause catholic and my tolerance for catholic stuff is low.

    But U.S. Air Force Academy Chapel in CO is a dope looking building so a high value. It does have catholic chapels but also has many different other chapels, which I think overall reduces the taintedness over a straight up catholic churches.