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  • I honestly just stole this meme from somewhere else so I make no claim to having invented this recipe.

    Also, if you ask me, I think some celery and maybe a dash of pickle juice might go well with it in order to really round out the tuna salad experience. Also the pepper rim seems rather odd since tuna salad isn’t exactly known for being particularly spicy.

  • Perhaps, but after doing a bit of research I came to conclude that this is actually just a non-alcoholic variation on two existing shots, namely the Tapeworm and the Hot Mexican Hooker.

    The Tapeworm is a shot of vodka with a dollop of mayonnaise squeezed in (sorta like in the picture above) and sprinkled with pepper, and the Hot Mexican Hooker consists of two parts Tequila, one part Tabasco, and a dash of tuna can juice.

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    Honestly that doesn’t sound too bad. You won’t scare me with mettwurst and remoulade, and I’m sure the caraway liquor can’t be too bad.

    If you want to top the grossness scale, how about New Jersey Turnpike?

    That’s when the bartender wipes down the bar and squeezes the rag into a shotglass. Good luck finding anything that’s worse than that.