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  • How does pacman work compared to apt-get ? and how to find in which package an command lies. I struggled a bit to get lsinput (to configure a rudder pedal for flight sim)

    Manjaro has Pamac installed out of the box. Its commands are much more readable:

    Install: pamac install {software} Remove: pamac remove {software} Update: pamac update. You can just run man pamac and read that, it’s concise and self explanatory.

    You can also use Pamac-gtk (the GUI app-store). I recommend the GTK4 version. Just run sudo pamac install pamac-gtk it will prompt you to replace pamac-gtk3.

    You can enable the AUR by opening the GUI store (it will be called “add/remove software” in the app menu) > three dot menu > preferences (will prompt for password) > third party > Enable AUR support.

    Only use the AUR as a last resort; check if the app is on flathub first, then the official repos, and finally check the AUR. You can add flatpak support by installing the flatpak package and the libpamac-flatpak-plugin optional dependency.

    If you want updates to be as fast as they’d be on Arch you can switch to the unstable branch, and now you can’t blame Manjaro for your AUR problems.

    and how to find in which package an command lies.

    I am not sure what this means, but if you meant how to check what commands a package provides, then you can search for the package in the app-store and scroll down to “provides” everything under that section is commands the package provides.

    I am struggling a bit with Zsh, like I ended up starting bash to configure an environment variable, any ressources on-it. Or shall I simply change my setting (and how) to use bash that I know a bit.

    You can edit the ~/.zshrc file to add your aliases and permanent environment variables.

    On Arch based distros you can also add environment variables in the /lib/environment.d file as KEY=value, for setting firefox to use Wayland for example.

    If you want to switch from ZSH to BASH here’s how.