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  • You can repeat this a dozen times in this post and I won’t care (I’ll roll my eyes at you, but I won’t care). My point is simple.

    If you’re going to organise a protest, at least let there be some fucking sign (I don’t mean a literal sign, just a mention on the website, the posters, the socials, something) that your gonna be shouting “I stand with Hamas” and are proud of Oct 7 out there - so I don’t end up bringing the folks I brought to it.

    Ambushing them (and me) like that doesn’t work. It’ll make you feel better and like you pulled one over us, but that’s it. And the next time you organise a protest, the people you blindsided won’t turn up.

    [All this assuming you’re genuine and not a fed.]

    You can have the kind of radical protest you want - but it has to have the kind of radical protesters you need. Advertising it like a general one, and then pulling shit like this is fed behaviour, and if you can’t see that, then, well…