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  • I am really confused here, because I did read everything you said.

    The way I interpreted your reply to the user Bye was that you felt more casual play always means putting an undesired extra burden on others, and thus the only valid way to play is the opposite style. Especially because the tone I read from your reply was kind of aggressive. It seems I misinterpreted you, and I am glad you do not have a problem with that kind of play.

    The more you invest into a campaign, the less work on the DM. Conversely, the less you invest into a campaign, the more work on the DM. And if the DM is fine with that, no problem!

    I actually wasn’t aware of this, I figured the less you invest, the more a DM might pull back and also prep less in detail, do less intensive character backstory stuff, etc. Because the players are not going to go all-in on everything, the DM doesn’t have to prepare accordingly. I take it my assumption is wrong, and I’m curious why less investment on the player side, if already anticipated by the DM, results in a greater burden on them.

    Don’t assume

    I would think by me talking about the importance of a GM’s happiness and the part about how you could argue everyone always puts in less than the GM, I am already fully aware of the work a GM does. I am also writing this paragraph assuming you’re telling me, specifically, not to assume, and I do hope I’m wrong and you just mean it as a general point.

  • If he is in a group of like minded people, then all the power to them.

    And that is the important part! If everyone’s having fun. If someone feels it’s at their expense clearly it needs to change.

    I think I’m interpreting the original Reddit thread poster as saying they like 5E instead of other games because they already know the rules. So they wouldn’t be slowing down the table with not knowing the rules (stuff like what to roll) like you describe. If they tried a new game they’d have to put effort into learning new rules—which for some involves focusing on others’ turns play out, because learning by example instead of just reading the rules is pretty helpful. In other words, I am thinking they are saying “with 5e I know it well enough to check out and not be disruptive, with other systems I have to actually pay attention and learn before I can hit ‘non-disruptive without 100% focus’ status”.

    I think there’s a difference between the level of checked out you describe and what I’m taking away from this post. I do hope that poster knows their character sheet and isn’t causing disruptions like the kind you described in your reply because I don’t think most people find that fun, regardless of how casual the level of play at the table is. Past tense in your reply suggests these people who caused disruptions no longer play with you, so that’s good.

  • YOU

    I never said I’m like this. I think you are just assuming I am because I am defending a type of player you don’t like instead of agreeing with you, therefore I must be that type of player if I am willing to speak up in contradiction and potentially risk disapproval.

    with a GM who enjoys that kind of vibe

    Explicitly noted that in my first reply to you because I’m aware the GM is a player too. There would indeed be slack if the GM didn’t like it, but like I said earlier, if they like this vibe then it’s not really a problem… I simply want to argue that this attitude is not going to always be a problem because I imagine there are tables where all people, including the GM, enjoy it. And it seems as if you think this attitude is always a problem. It is only a problem if someone at the table has a problem with it. Some people enjoy games with vibes that others would absolutely hate. Beer and pretzels TTRPG is just as valid as serious roleplay TTRPG, and with both types you have to make sure everyone there is happy to play it that way.

    (There technically would be slack because a lot of people will argue that even the most invested, full “I am optimizing and going full roleplay” player is putting in less work than the GM. I also doubt that’s what you’re referring to.)

  • The final aesthetic is called submission, though I prefer the term that the Extra Credits’ team use: abnegation. It just sounds cooler and more complicated. Submission is the pleasure you get from turning off your brain and losing yourself in a task you don’t have to think too hard about. Grinding levels in World of Warcraft. Mining minerals in Minecraft. Farming item drops in Diablo III.

    Now, submission is an odd one to discuss in tabletop RPGs because it is one that tabletop RPGs doesn’t handle so well. The thing is, even the simplest tasks in an RPG require a high cognitive load. You have to think things through. But still, the concept of “beer and pretzels” play exists for a reason. Go down into a dungeon, kick down doors, kill orcs, take their loot, go back to town. Lather, rinse, repeat. That is submission or abnegation.

    And there are people who want exactly that. They look like challenge seekers sometimes, but they don’t want to work too hard or think too hard. They just want to goof around and enjoy a simple game with clear, straightforward goals.


  • Yeah, I realized some of my “hey look they moved to RoyalRoad!” announcements probably should have gone in the External Links thread after checking the rules a bit ago. Sorry about that. Something something Kbin not handling posts that weren’t originally federated to it well (I know of Lemmy’s “paste the URL to force-fetch the post” solution, don’t think it works on Kbin right now. But perhaps they updated Kbin and it does…). At the time I made some of those posts I think I literally could not post on the External Links thread without using a Lemmy account instead of my Kbin one, so I just made a separate post. But I could be misremembering the timeline on this and just have violated the rules when it was possible to follow them and still post on External Links. Won’t happen again.

    Can I just have a plain “yes” or “no” on reposting deleted content from authors who also deleted their account?

  • As someone who is on board with people using communication tools:

    Do you think people who would not say “I don’t like where this is going” would be willing to tap the traffic lights? It’s basically still you saying “I don’t like where this is going”, still in full view of everyone. I’m honestly not sure how the communication tools help with speaking up, besides providing a few predefined options for you (“yellow light means this, red means this”) instead of you having to find the words to explain how uncomfortable you are and what you want the solution to be. I’m not trying to tear them down, I’m just honestly curious.

    Might as well out myself and say I’ve never personally needed to use these. But I don’t have to fully comprehend them to support other people doing what makes things healthier and easier for themselves, hence my not understanding while still supporting people using it.

  • Thanks for writing, I enjoyed it! Although I do not enjoy when fellow humans do this. If you’re not going to be the only one sitting there, throw it in the trash. Accidentally touching gum that has probably been in someone else’s mouth… not fun. I also say this as someone who just does not like gum though.

    “Uhm, sorry, instinct…” grunted the portly Globtroq “Never seen such buttons. Don’t know.”

    probably want a comma or period after Globtroq

    Always doing something incredible stupid in a brilliant way or something brilliant in an incredible stupid way.

    incredible should be incredibly both times

    Bert finished, tossing the manual annoyed into a corner.

    Bert finished, tossing the manual into a corner, annoyed.

    pilots chair


    “NOTHING!” squeaked Bert

    again, comma or period after Bert

    Bert, that is human.

    either a human or Human. The reason for the capital letters would be because he’s using the word human as the guy’s name, and we capitalize names.

    “Uhm, I have an assumption” Max stated “can I visit the cockpit for a moment?”

    First of all, most people would not say assumption here. They might say idea or hypothesis or theory (yes, not correct use of the scientific term, but people talk that way anyways) or feeling. Second of all,

    “Uhm, I have an assumption.” Max stated “Can I visit the cockpit for a moment?” (note new period and new capital letter) or “Uhm, I have an assumption,” Max stated, “can I visit the cockpit for a moment?” (note two new commas)

    pilot chair “Cherry

    pilot chair, “Cherry

    “Gentlebeings.” Max announced dramatically, "the individual

    I really think it’s The, because Max is starting a new sentence, but I am nowhere near as confident on this one as I am on my other corrections so take this one with a grain of salt.

  • I do not agree with a lot of the person’s ideas here, but it was a fun read. And I will give them that

    • Big
    • Snake-like
    • Flight
    • Breathes fire

    is primarily how I’ll visually recognize a dragon. You can differ from this template, but I’ll probably always recognize it as a variant drawing from this.

    And I do also personally dislike dragons shapeshifting, especially into humans, and sorting dragon personality by color, though I could not say why. It’s always interesting to see someone I disagree with have a few opinions that resonate with me.

    Overall, I think this person is very much a fantasy trope traditionalist: stick with the established dragon stereotype and don’t move too far from its spirit; while a lot of people nowadays (including myself) like playing with it much more.