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  • A cupboard

    Not sure if this was an intentional or accidental reference to The Volume, but for folks who don’t follow this stuff, this is a somewhat accurate description of the way many star wars scenes are filmed.

    The volume is a giant chamber encircled by LED screens that display CG backgrounds that respond to camera positioning. The cameras have positioning units that communicate their position to The Volume in realtime, with one of the big benefits being that the camera and the actors can move more freely than they could on a standard green screen. If a camera shifts left, the BG can shift in parallax with it, making it relatively seamless. Because the LED screens emit light, they also provide the scene with much more natural lighting (This is one reason why the Mandalorian can wear shiny armor – It’s reflecting a series of very good displays)

    Kne drawback is that that the bgs must be CG.

    This also limits the scope of a scene, as the BG can’t occlude the actors. Foreground and scene elements must still be added to sets, and if someone wants to, say, enter another room in a house, that doorway must be built in the volume, or the scene must be cut during a transition.

    It’s a fascinating piece of technology, and useful for specific things, but because it’s cheaper than building sets, we see it used when it’s not the best tool for the job too.

    Even so, Andor didn’t use the volume for much, which is why the scenes feel so solid and interactive.

  • Liberals dismiss occms razor at their convenience. I remember when Nord Stream 2 blew up, I pointed out that that America announced an intent to bomb it then were spotted nearby with military divers a few weeks prior to the explosion. The simplest explanation was that the US did it.

    This makes liberals incredibly angry, and they insist that Putin did it despite it being counterproductive because reasons.

    This will go no differently. The narrative has been established and will not be disrupted.