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  • I’m pretty used to it at this point. My best friend is a big Souls fan and is one of the many who refers to Elden Ring as the most approachable From game yet as well as Sekiro as possibly the hardest. The comments I’m used to seeing are ones calling X boss the hardest they’ve ever gone against and those are consistently the easiest for me. Personally, I’m terrible with the bosses that have a wind up for their attacks and make you wait for the timing as opposed to the ones where it’s almost pure reflex. If that sounds more your bag then I’d say Sekiro is your thing and you likely won’t enjoy DS or ER. Bloodborne is somewhere in the middle, debatably closer to Sekiro though I’ve seen arguments for both ways.

  • Personally, I’d say Sekiro. You need to be good with timing but the experience is much more streamlined. There’s no equipment system so you don’t have to worry about finding what’s good for you, let alone slogging it through the first however many hours to get whatever items get recommended in Top X lists. Also, I find the movement system is much more to my liking. It feels immediate instead of trying to sprint through a field of porridge. However, if porridge is what you’re looking for, Sekiro is a poor pick for you.

    Lies of P is also a good pick for having tighter movement and QoL upgrades over Souls games though I dare say a lot of fans will want to drag me across the coals for saying that.

  • Not to mention generally shitty business practices and eve more arbitrary regional locking than you might think. I was living in a non-English speaking country back when I was willing to pay for Netflix and I tried watching an anime only to find I couldn’t get the English dub. I contacted support and their answer was “You don’t live in an English-speaking region so it doesn’t make sense for you to have access to it 🤷🏻‍♂️”. I stopped paying on the spot.