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  • My old Lenovo tablet has the USB port upside down on the plug, and consequently, the micro USB also plugs into the tablet upside down. And for some reason, stupid thing always breaks the little notches on the micro USB, so you have to position everything in a way so that it won’t slide out while charging.

  • I have three yahoo email accounts I still use, the oldest from about 1997 and surprisingly, the spam folder on that one rarely gets anything. (The other two are leftovers from when you had to get a yahoo account to make a geocities site). I really like the disposable addresses. Luckily I signed up back when you could have 10 on one of them. Then they ditched it for free users, but brought it back with the three limit. But I got to keep my 10.

    Excite was my jam though. I was sad when I lost my excite accounts.

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    The company I work for insists on almost every damn bit of stock arriving in delivery to be wrapped in a plastic bag. I’ve complained to management, they just laugh. Apparently I can’t have any contact details for head office (not surprising since I’m not even allowed to contact HR directly and have to talk to them via a store manager). That’s like 1000+ items coming in twice a week where almost all of it is individually wrapped in a bag.

    Not only is it a pointless waste of plastic, but it doubles how long it takes to clear the stock as I have to take everything out of the bag (which is sealed both ends a lot of the time) instead of just putting it straight onto the shelves. I’m almost tempted to set up a twitter account so I can @ them. Almost, but not quite.

    My previous employer did the same thing, but at least we had a way to talk to head office and a bunch of us complained so they did remove most of the plastic and started to use a band of paper to hold stock together, or a paper wrapper to protect delicate stuff. They went bust though.