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  • Thanks John for what you’re doing here - and by that, I mean steadfastly encouraging a relentless forward momentum and leading in that by example.

    It’s absolutely in our interest to incorporate the broader community in a collective crusade for a revolution in finance and the spread of ownership and custody education. We’ll soon be seeking to revamp our community resources and online gathering spaces in order to align with the broader vision, and encouraging all individuals to rally behind the concept of understanding in full the delineations of share ownership. Informational transparency and a democratic voice are, in my view, applying those same value systems to governance and leadership.

    As we’ve discussed, I wholeheartedly believe in the self-interest of investors and issuers to transition to a system which prioritizes them both - as opposed to the incumbent system which encourages private capital to complicate and obfuscate the matters of ownership and settlement. We live in an era of technological potential and of shared passion. There are so many fractured online communities each seeking justice and retribution in a system which views them as juice to squeeze, and there are unifying factors to take advantage of.

    On the ‘two discords’ dichotomy which sandwiched this post. There is both the public DRS discord (which we opened as our subreddit DRSyourGME was growing) and a much smaller DRS discord which was the original planning place for the volunteer-built, volunteer-developed, and volunteer-maintained DRS resources online. Much conversation has already transitioned to the public space, and that procession will only continue as we formalize and seek to change the market structure around us.

  • Watched this one over the holiday. Was a good listen certainly and nice to see more and more coverage of the crisis of ownership.

    Starts slow - and then by 15 min is talking about much the same structural issues we’ve noticed (share entitlements, pooled shares / fungible bulk) but from a banking cartel perspective.

    Takes a long time to mention DTCC by name, doesn’t mention Cede. Incorrectly asserts that all shares are owned by them, flies past that assertion. This is the same issue I had with the book. It’s sensational, but inaccurate. We know it’s at least 83% probably 90% plus - but he says ‘all’ multiple times.

    Love the detailed points about how central clearing has robbed derivative investors of clarity when trying to assess risk and how fragile it makes the market infrastructure.

    The second half is all theory and alarm about how the breakdown will happen… Which is fine, but not based in same level of fact imo. Ultimately takes an approach which doesn’t perceive avenue to ownership exists. Unaware of DRS or intentionally misleading? Why not mention the key way investors can legally evade the ‘great taking’?

    That being said, his final suggestion that banking should be a not for profit / public utility is one I agree with (love my credit union). I would sooner see this democratization of money moved away from state control and towards citizen control through some kind of blockchain. That would help simplify and enable his tax reform suggestions as well. Limiting impact of military contractors, certainly want that too. These policy suggestions though I agree with them seem out of place to me in the video (ownership crisis is plenty) and I wish DRS had been mentioned as an insulating factor. Cue ‘you call yourself a cynic, but you still have some faith in the system’ from DRS detractors, lol.

    So interesting in his closing statements he talks about holding things directly - such as land or property. Good advice absolutely. Don’t hold debt. But not securities?

  • In the sense that Meta may have an informal profile on you through your browsing habits, cookies tracking, IP addresses and etc - it may be in some ways that we all have involuntary accounts kept on us with today’s major data brokers.

    I don’t see how this could be avoided on web2. We (the user population of the internet) need to transition to open source platforms like this one / other activityhub fediverse capable softwares. There isn’t nearly as much incentive to learn about and try to advertise to us when we don’t allow any sponsored advertising on our instance.

    There are other ways to advertise of course. Posting topics about how tasty a food item was, etc, could and should be weighed with skepticism on online platforms. I imagine this instance will stay focused on the DRS niche and so we likely won’t have to worry about that here.

    Really interesting discussion all the way around. Thanks a lot for making this topic.

  • Really appreciate the transcript Jersan! Thank you for posting.

    This bit here:

    Larry Cheng: I think this is truly inspirational that you guys are all together. You guys are really defining what it means for retail investors to be in community, and what comes from that. And so, you know, when I think about what, where this is headed and where communities are going, from impacting the financial markets, it’s wherever you guys in this room want to go. Because you guys are on the forefront, and you’re leading it, and so kudos to you guys, because, I think that the power of individual investors in community will only grow over time. And, there are days in the future, where rooms like what you have, will be more important and more influential than Goldman Sachs.

    This is the takeaway. You don’t have to think the PPshow is entertaining or that BBBY is a worthwhile investment thesis in order to see the echoing truth in Larry’s words here. Investor advocacy is entering a new golden age and there is no going back from here. People are activated, people are interested, and people want OWNERSHIP.