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This article bothers me more the more I go back and look at it. This for example:

What’s the difference between them? The main difference is that you need to buy add-ons for open source software and to make payments to use closed source software.

Some closed source software is free as in beer. Not all open source software is open core. Most is just open.

Closed source is more secure because hackers can’t see the code? Disagree. Open source is more secure because hackers CAN see the code and submit fixes when they find bugs.

Squatter’s Full Suspension Pale Ale or Uinta Cutthroat Pale Ale. If I have to go to a national brand Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is decent. I don’t really drink very often though. I never got a taste for liquor and my stomach doesn’t like the carbonation in beer anymore. I’ll have one once in a while but a six pack will last a month in my fridge.