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  • Aame and i think that’s why it doesn’t fit in here. You can enjoy the game and still hate that shit. I agree with the whole weapon nerf thing and i think people take it way too serious. I only play on helldiver difficulty and you van use quite literally every gun you want as long as you have a team that halfway know what to do. If the most fun gun in the game was a nerf gun, i would use it, i like that they change guns every now and then.

  • The craziest thing about the whole Trump thing to me is that a re-election is even on the table.
    Like american politics are usually kinda predictable. When Donnie got elected, i assumed that he’s gonna do such an embarrassingly bad job, that after a year or two, pretty much everyone would just shrug and go: well i don’t know how he got elected, i didn’t vote for that baffoon. And then the new president comes around and he would disappear in obscurity as one of these weird things that happens because haha americans dumb.
    But somehow, after seeing for 4 years what a bang up job he did and is still doing, he’s still in the race for being president. It’s one of these things that i just can not comprehend. I can’t watch a single clip of him that makes me believe that he is an actual real person and not some cartoon villain.
    To me that is the real story when i see these posts, not the whole x voting for y.