Big plastic threatens feds with lawsuit over toxic ruling
Canada's efforts to rein in harmful plastic pollution are facing legal threats from the country's $35-billion plastics industry.

It’s an interesting approach. While plastic is (mostly) not directly toxic to us, the argument that it is toxic to the environment seems scientifically sound. The classification allows for more regulation and pressure on an industry which have proven (as usual) extremely ineffective at regulating themselves, to the cost of all of us. And when you think about plastic as a direct product of the petroleum industry things just worse.

Looking at the CEPA web site it currently only lists “micro plastic beads”. But I got a government link or the order. It reads “Plastic manufactured items” and goes into great detail on the rational and background.

Coincidentally I saw another story today:Twenty firms produce 55% of world’s plastic waste, report reveals.

What’s going on in Canada?


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