I always thought Trotsky was somewhat of a revolutionary who became an opportunist, but he was an opportunist from the very start, what the fuck

(felt like publishing here instead of the main community, since this gives no theoretical value whatsoever)

No he was always a piece of trash.

What i found interesting in studying him is he basically was a reddit arsehole always playing the contrarian

So when Lenin says the Bolsheviks declare peace and Bukharin says they must wage revolutionary war Trotsky takes the “neither peace nor war bullshit at Brest-Litvosk” which results in the Germans annexing a load of territory

In 1924/5 when the Nep is in force hes telling everyone that the CC is leading them to disaster and they must collectivise agriculture…When industry is at rock bottom and millions of peasants are yet to move into citites to become proletariat

But then when CC moves to collectivise in the 30s he demands they must stop collectivising and kulaks should not be eliminated as a class

When the 2d five year plan starts he says the CC is leading the Soviets to ruin and the pace must be slackened…and we now know that Soviets winning ww2 hinged on that 2nd five year plan

In 1936 he gleefully says how “imperialism is incomparably more strong and will sweep away the October revolution” (Revolution Betrayed) and also declares fhat Stalin and Hitler are the same

In 1939 (bearing in mind Hitler called for taking the Ukrainian oil fields in Meinkampf) he says the Ukrainians should declare “socialist independence from the stalin regime”

Ignoring the fact that the pro communists were pro soviet and pro Stalin… Whilst those wanting independence were pro fascist, pro german and would eventually collaborate with the Nazis and murder their jewish and communist neighbours

It is telling that inthe Moscow Trials one of fhe key planks of the traitors was gifting the Ukraine to the Nazis cos the trotskyites saw (quoting Solkinov) “the most organised form of capitalism and we had better come to terms with them”.

Today i am convinced the only people who are Trotskyites are people that have not studied communist history properly

I am thinking of taking the time to scan Harpal Brars Trotskyism or Leninism as this is an incredible work detailing both Trotsky and the various Trotskyite groups bullshit

Lenin seems to not like Trotsky. Where does the narrative of “Lenin preferred Trotsky to Stalin” come from then?

Felipe Forte

Trotskyists, mostly.


classic lenin appealing to the opiate of the masses

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