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It’s not surprising that ChatGPT has been accused of breaching the EU’s main privacy law – PIA blog noted that ChatGPT was a privacy disaster waiting to happen back in February. As the first complaint to be taken up by an EU data protection agency, this case will be watched closely by other EU Member States, and around the world. The Polish inquiry is likely to investigate many of the key GDPR issues that arise for AI programs and be used as a benchmark in future legal cases.

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    In case you’re in a hurry here’s the jist of the linked article

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    Poland’s data protection authority has opened an investigation into ChatGPT and its creator OpenAI in response to a GDPR complaint. The complainant claimed ChatGPT provided inaccurate personal information about them and OpenAI failed to rectify it. Several other European agencies had also expressed concerns about ChatGPT’s compliance with GDPR regulations. Italy initially blocked the chatbot before allowing it back with privacy changes, while Spain and a group of Latin American authorities launched probes into its data practices. Regulators across Europe, Canada, and the US have increased scrutiny of OpenAI as ChatGPT raises issues around personal data protection and reputational risks for users. The new EU Artificial Intelligence Act is also designed to regulate privacy in AI systems.

    This growing wave of investigations could result in major fines for OpenAI.

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