Join our mozilla hubs virtual anarchist hacker "barrio"

The Hispagatos collective and compañeros have since the hacker conference HOPE 2020 build a anarchist hacker “barrio” that we use for meetings, gatherings, watching movies and listening to audio books etc, here are some links with setup arguments in case you have a low end computer: *



you can join us at

  • Mozilla hubs is open/libre software and you can have your own server, respects the hacker ethics.

** Sometimes we are iddle, if you come in DO NOT stay in the lobby and say hi and stick around so when we are not AFK, we are usually there at CEST/EST late night **

Hacktivism, Crypto-anarchy, Darknets, Free Culture - Proudly Feminist, Anarchist, Anti-Capitalist, Anarchist hackers

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