• @Crul@lemm.ee
    3 months ago

    In the section COMING UP FOR AIR*, it’s listed as:

    MIXED MEDIA. 36 x 42 INCHES EACH. 2020.

    And here it’s the description shown on the details page:

    Tattoos are deeply rooted in humanity’s history. They have longed served different purposes from body beautification to identification, remembrance, healing, traditional and cultural rites. But looking different also attracts negative reactions. In many instances people with tattoos are reduced to stereotypes and judged negatively because they are different. ‘Adorned’ illustrates a woman embracing and confidently showing off her body markings without regards to the common mentality of how she may be perceived by those who find discomfort in her appearance.

    * I don’t know how to navigate to that section from the homepage. I found it on the Google reverse image search (click “Find image source”).