Man enters a bar with a rubber ducky and a Golden Retriever. It may sound like a bad joke but it’s how I entered the Midnight pub. Open all hours but the party begins after midnight. The yellow duck was placed on the counter and I decided on a bar stool myself. Lucky, the dog, made himself a home at my feet hoping for some peanuts to fall from drunken hands. And it might very well be that those aforementioned fingers would be mine because I felt like hitting it tonight. Lost my job due to a virus sweeping the world. “Sorry Bob, it’s just that we are kinda… well… Gone! As a business that is. The money is just not coming in anymore…” he said to me this morning. His eyes sad and not really here. The business his father left him, the business he worked so hard to make a success the last twenty years. Gone. Hard to be angry at a man like that. But I was angry alright. At the world in general I guess. So I did what any sane man would do: I stole the rubber ducky from his desk and stormed outside, leaving ‘Rubber&Stuff’ (We sell everything rubber!) behind me and got in my crappy Japanese minivan. <Stay tuned for more!> ~Midnight