Collection of Megathreads and Resources on r/Genzedong - Lemmygrad
> A month ago I retreived most megathreads and long texts with “educational” flair contributed by our comrades. There are undetected ones not flaired properly or buried underneath shitposts because they received few upvotes. If anyone has those, please share as well :) A Compliation of Resources Below is a folder shared on the GZD sub. It has the most comprehensive and detailed information about socio-political development of most countries in the world and much more. It discusses everything and contains a great deal of resources, which deserves separate mention. > # Megathreads Several posts are from r/socialism and r/sino, written by users frequent on r/genzedong, so I included those as well. All in PDF All in Markdown Ukraine - A Chinese blogger’s summary of why Ukraine have gotten to this place today - A Russian comrade’s speculation about the situation USSR - The Soviet Union An Honest Appraisal For the 21st Century (Part 1 Economics and Political System) - Stalin megathread. Happy birthday and rest in peace comrade! China - The PRC and CPC are not fascist.This is why - Masterpost on the People’s Republic of China - More specific information from r/sino - My experience as a factory worker in a Chinese sweatshop - Debunking the idiotic anti China copy pasta - Why the Uyghur Genocide is probably bullshit - A masterpost - Masterpost of Sources for Debunking Xinjiang Propaganda - I datamined all the cited sources from the Wikipedia Uyghur Genocide page. I found exactly what you’d expect - The Parallels (or lack thereof) Between Historical Genocides and Xinjiang - Tiananmen Square The Massacre that Never Happened United States - The Crimes of US Foreign Policy - A Very Brief Introduction - Review of United States HR4521 Socialism and Communism - A Beginner’s Guide to the Left - The Most Common Anti-Socialist Myths A Response (With Sources) - Socialism is Good For You Health, Welfare, and Quality of Life - Refuting Myths About Welfare, Poverty, and Employment - Refuting Common Anti-Socialist Talking Points - Debunking debunking every single tankie argument ever

Archiving good Reddit posts in case of censorship.

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