This is why people should abandon Reddit in favor of Lemmy. This post exposes the rampant Reddit censorship problem. The following posts are an example of civil on topic rule-conforming posts that were censored in r/enviroaction without cause.

In response to this post, I wrote the following (which was censored):

So just a note, all cotton is organic: C6H5O9

Either you’re attempting equivocation, or perhaps you’re unaware of sustainable cotton which has taken the name “organic cotton”. (“at present, approximately 0.51% of global cotton production is organic.”)

But thanks for mentioning Amazon’s packaging waste… I overlooked that.

In response to this post, I wrote the following (which was censored):

I was actually half tempted to criticize Amazon for using FedEx.

FedEx is an NRA-supporting ALEC member, so using FedEx supports climate denial (among other evils). FedEx also ships shark fins, hunting trophies, and slave dolphins. So the toll on the environment by FedEx is quite extensive (while they advertise with claims to have a low carbon footprint to capture business from uninformed but pro-environment consumers).

UPS is also an ALEC member but not as harmful as FedEx.

USPS is slightly evil for blocking Tor. But in the big scheme of things any alternative to FedEx and UPS at least avoids the worst of them.

Can anyone cite a legitimate reason to censor these posts under r/enviroaction rules?

Censorship on Reddit

    Observatory of content that was censored on Reddit. Copy your posts that were censored in Reddit here. We can then collectively analyze whether the post was civil, whether it broke rules, and get an idea of the impact of Reddit censorship. We can also discuss the societal impact of Reddit’s style of silent & blind censorship, such that authors often does not even know they were censored.

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